Going above and beyond concrete installations, Creative Hardscapes can give you a complete landscape package.

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There are many different styles when it comes to designing a landscape plan and we are able to achieve any of these from the more ‘curvy’ or ‘traditional’ to more contemporary concepts. A newly sought out trend in landscape design is more of a “modern concrete” approach, which is an architecturally stunning concept with clean yet bold lines, combining different concrete finishes as well as, other elements within its design such as wood, stone, grass and steel, to create contrast for an overall sophisticated style. This is often achieved with concrete in its natural grey state and then adding pops of color with décor pieces such as patio furniture pillows, planters etc.

When you want to transform the outdoor look of your home it can be very time consuming researching a trade company for each individual element of your project- Creative Hardscapes can do all of this for you.

This can include such items as:


We can creatively, with the homeowner, design a landscape project or if you wish we can have a designer create a professional 3D landscape plan.

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Make the outdoor oasis you have been dreaming of become a reality.